The Montibello Facial products for sensitive skin. It calms and protects the most sensitive skin. Neurosens is formulated with NEURO-TOLERANCE+ Technology, a trio of neurocosmetic actives combined with specific actives to provide an immediate solution to the typical reactions of sensitive skin of all ages.

Some of the active ingredients in the Neurosens products include:

NEURO-TOLERANCE+ Technology: Neuro-Tolerance Peptide, Boerhavia Diffusa Extract, and Neurophroline®™.
Aloe Vera.
Amino-mineral Complex.
Interference-correcting pigments.
Synergy of vegetable lipids (Mango and Shea).
NMF Complex.

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Skin Care for
Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is healthy skin that is characterized by reacting faster and more intensely to certain external stimuli. The most common reaction in sensitive skin is inflammation, a self-defense mechanism that is activated when the skin is exposed to a stress situation or external aggression: Pollution, tobacco, lack of sleep, climatic conditions, exposure to UV rays, and chemical or physical aggression. Neurosens addresses the most reactive and intolerant skin types. The moisturizing creams in the Neurosens facial range are lightweight in texture, soothing the skin and strengthening it.

  • Increase tolerance for sensitive and reactive skin.
  • Reduce redness
  • Provide immediate comfort to the skin.
  • Strengthen the skin's cutaneous barrier.

Stop redness

Stop redness

Stop redness

The S.O.S. Redness Serum is a silky emulsion that helps reduce redness and irritations in sensitive skin.
Do you have redness-prone skin? Give it a try!

Effective products, formulas that are respectful of the environment and the skin.

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