Genuine Cell

The art of creating collagen. Genuine Cell moisturises, fills wrinkles, smooths blemishes and restores the volume and firmness of skin. Formulated with an exclusive active ingredient created by Montibello, Prollagen-VG, the new vegan collagen.

Elixir Collection

A choice collection of elixirs that – thanks to their formulas with carefully selected ingredients – effectively enhance everyday beauty treatments.

Body Treat

Express Fat Burner. 3-in-1 professional treatment that reduces, reaffirms and reshapes the body with results from the first session.

Transageing cosmetics
Transageing cosmetics
Beauty is ageless, it’s within every woman. Arûde comprehensively treats the skin ageing process, accompanying women through each of the stages in their lives, adapting to their needs at any given time. Discover the heart of Arûde at your nearest beauty salon

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Prollagen-VG, the new vegan collagen
New milestones in innovation
Montibello's R&D&I department reaffirms its leadership in research and innovation by creating a new and exclusive active ingredient that opens the door to the collagen of the future, Prollagen-VG, the new vegan collagen.

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