A new generation of transformative cosmetics, formulated with a marine bio-retinoid, which provides unprecedented regenerative effects with maximum tolerance for the skin. Rejuvenated, strengthened and radiant skin.

Facial Essentials

Clean skin is healthy, beautiful skin. Cleansing the skin is an essential step in any beauty treatment.


The D·WHITE treatment is formulated with a blend of powerful active ingredients that act in synergy to fight excess pigmentation in the skin.

Vita Pure C

It gives skin a wonderful glow thanks to its high concentration of vitamin C. With its antioxidant action, it smooths expression lines, making skin look instantly brighter.


A range of sun protection products with UV filters that are safe for the ocean and the innovative active ingredient Blue Oleactif® that effectively protects against the harmful effects of the sun and the environment around us.

Skin Expert

Scienced-based cosmeceuticals. Skin Expert offers a set of cosmeceutical treatments formulated with pure active ingredients at very high concentrations which deliver fast and effective results.


Purifies, mattifies and balances. A sebum-regulating treatment to regulate excess sebum and impurities in oily skin for both young and mature skin.

Genuine Cell

The art of creating collagen. Genuine Cell moisturises, fills wrinkles, smooths blemishes and restores the volume and firmness of skin. Formulated with an exclusive active ingredient created by Montibello, Prollagen-VG, the new vegan collagen.

Elixir Collection

A choice collection of elixirs that – thanks to their formulas with carefully selected ingredients – effectively enhance everyday beauty treatments.


Protection and oxygen for urban skin. Urban cosmetics to protect the skin from indoor and outdoor pollution.


Calms and protects the most sensitive skin. Neurosens is formulated with NEURO-TOLERANCE+ technology, a trio of neurocosmetic active ingredients combined with specific active ingredients to provide an immediate solution to the common reactions of sensitive skin of all ages.

Hyalu feel

Hydrates, prevents and improves skin thanks to its high content of hyaluronic acid. Multi-purpose treatments that offer the skin hydration, prevention and perfection, improving its quality, its texture and the signs of fatigue.


Premium anti-ageing treatment for the most demanding skin. Arûde products comprehensively treat the skin ageing process by providing an instant lift and reducing wrinkles.

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