Anti-ageing creams that fight the ravages of pollution on the skin

The ageing process is closely linked to the amount of oxygen our cells receive, as they obtain energy through the process of oxygen uptake and assimilation. It is essential to use anti-ageing creams that regulate the cellular energy capital to keep impurities, premature ageing and sensitisation at bay.

Pollution, skin’s enemy

Pollution is the presence of harmful agents in the atmosphere in quantities or over periods of time that may be detrimental to skin health. It can be caused by the environment, UV rays and the chemical industry, but also by domestic air, electromagnetic or light pollution.

It is no secret that daily exposure to pollution damages the skin, causing imbalances and alterations that accelerate skin ageing and generate sensitivities:

  • Unbalances the microbiota.
  • Disrupts the skin’s protective barrier.
  • Generates free radicals.
  • Increases cellular toxins.

Therefore, there is a need for cosmetics that can regulate all these harmful factors, most of which are caused by urban environments.

Anti-ageing creams to fight pollution

The best treatment for asphyxiated and dull urban skin, through the supply of oxygen and the balancing of the microbiota, can be found in Montibello’s OXYGEN range.

Among its benefits, the range offers:

  • Protection of energy capital to combat signs of fatigue and stress.
  • Protection of the microbiota, the beauty allies that promote the diversity and balance of the skin flora.
  • Oxygen supply.
  • Anti-pollution action.

You can choose between:


Oxygenating cream for normal and/or dry skin that provides vitality, radiance and protection against urban environments.


Symbiotic serum that acts as an anti-pollution shield offering protection against urban environments.


Oxygenating emulsion for combination or oily skin.


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