Goodbye to puffiness and dark circles with the best eye contour creams

The eye and lip contour areas are the most vulnerable to skin ageing, quickly showing small wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and even the so-called “barcode” lines above the upper lip.

The skin around the eyes is characterised by:

  • Being five times thinner than facial skin and ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of the body.
  • Being more susceptible to imbalances due to a lower sebaceous gland density.
  • Sitting on 22 muscles that are in constant motion due to blinking and the expression of emotions and feelings.

All of this leads to an older appearance and a tired-looking face. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential to identify, prevent and treat clear signs of ageing as early as possible, both in the eye and lip contour areas to reduce and delay their decline with the passage of time.

What product should you use for puffiness and dark circles?

At Montibello, we’ve got an amazing range to choose from according to every need:

  1. OXYGEN ENERGISER O2 EYE CONTOUR. Perfect as the first eye contour cream for faces showing signs of fatigue. It detoxifies and preserves the youthfulness of the eyes through preventive action.
  2. HYALU FEEL WATER DROPS FOR EYES. Ideal for those who need to hydrate the eye contour area, preserve youthfulness and repair early signs of ageing.
  3. VITA C PURE EYE CONTOUR. This eye contour cream is indicated for those showing early signs of ageing and need an instant boost of radiance and vitality.
  4. GENUINE CELL IONTO PATCH EYE CONTOUR. Transdermal patches with iontophoresis technology which makes skin firmer and reduces the wrinkles in the eye contour area in an immediate, visible and long-lasting way… In just 20 minutes!
  5. ARÛDE REFINING EYE CREAM. If you need a global anti-ageing booster, this will undoubtedly be your best ally: it refines and detoxifies the complexion, moistures, reduces puffiness and dark circles, evens out skin tone, and improves the skin’s elasticity.

What is the best cream for the lip contour area?

Having a smooth, wrinkle-free lip contour area may seem like a dream, but now, with this amazing product from Montibello’s Genuine Cell range, achieving it is easier than ever:

WRINKLE ERASER FOR EYES & LIPS is an anti-wrinkle balm with an exquisitely melt-in and nourishing texture, specifically for the eye and lip contour areas. We recommend using it both morning and night.

Active ingredients

  • Prollagen-VG: a complex of five plant-based proteins with a collagen-like activity (soy, ginger, lentil, rice, quinoa), with a high protein content, which deeply penetrates into skin.
  • SKINARCHTM: peptide in charge of promoting the formation of new collagen.
  • MATRIXYL® 3000 and MATRIXYL Synthe’6 TM: combination of peptides that promote the synthesis of different types of fibres to restructure the dermis.
  • MUNAPSYSTM, ARGILERINE® and GABACARE BL98T: a combination of two hexapeptides that act on expression lines to improve their static and dynamic appearance.


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