Take care of what matters most this festive season with Montibello Christmas gift sets

Christmas is just around the corner and the challenge of finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones is steadily approaching. We are increasingly aware of how good it feels to take care of ourselves inside and out, and how important it is to work on our own wellbeing. So, it’s no wonder that beauty products and treatments have risen to the top of Christmas gift lists and have emerged as inspirational gifts at this time of year.

This year, Montibello Skincare wants to remind us that the best way to celebrate the most magical days of the year is by taking care of our skin, people and the planet. This Christmas, Montibello Skincare presents eight care sets, ideal for gifts and presents.

Giving skincare as a gift, a safe bet

Giving the gift of facial and body care has never been so fashionable. The skincare universe has experienced an explosion of popularity in recent years that has crossed all age boundaries. Young people are increasingly interested in understanding their skin’s needs in order to offer them the best solutions and no longer limit skincare to the challenge of curbing ageing.

We know that we only have one skin and that it has a memory, so the state in which it will be presented to the world in a few years’ time has a lot to do with the care we offer it today. That’s why we pay close attention to the needs of our skin, so that we can provide it with the most appropriate care and make it feel revitalised and radiant. It’s no wonder that skincare cosmetics make great gifts for the festive season.

Montibello’s face and body gift sets

This Christmas, Montibello Skincare presents a series of gift sets designed to meet the needs of each skin type in the most effective way, seven for facial care and one for body care. We present them to you, below:

Restores, redensifies and nourishes

This Christmas gift set contains: the ultra-rich and evanescent Arûde The Serum-in-cream emulsion, with a formula that releases from the heart during application, and the Renaissance Cellular Elixir, which synchronises the cells in just 7 days so that the skin is protected and repaired overnight.

The gift set offers a global treatment designed to combat the signs of skin ageing: it reduces wrinkles, improves flaccidity and reduces signs of fatigue.

Lifting, firming and definition

This Christmas pack includes the silky and emollient Arûde Protecting Cream SPF20 day cream, which defines the facial contours and lifts the skin’s features, providing an immediate tightening effect, and the extra-fluid, firming Arûde Perfecting Serum, which combats the signs of skin ageing and enhances the benefits of the day cream.

The combination of these two cosmetics offers an intensive treatment for mature skin that fights wrinkles, smoothes blemishes and evens skin tone. The skin is hydrated, elastic and radiant.

Plumpness, volume and elasticity

This Christmas gift set comes in two versions to suit the skin’s needs. The common denominator of the two versions is the Genuine Cell Day & Night Wrinkle Corrector serum, formulated with a synergy of biomimetic peptides and the exclusive active ingredient Prollagen-VG, which stimulates the synthesis of new collagen fibers.

For combination mature skin, choose the set that includes the Genuine Cell Comfort SPF20 cream, which is a moisturising and anti-wrinkle treatment with a light texture. On the other hand, for dry skin, the one that combines the serum with Genuine Cell Rich SPF20 is more recommendable.

Vitality, radiance and antioxidant

Montibello Skincare also presents the Vita C Pure range gift set in two versions, offering complete anti-ageing care with antioxidant action. The star product is the Vita Pure C Collagen Infusion treatment serum, with a powerful infusion of concentrated vitamin C, collagen and microencapsulated squalane.

This cosmetic is combined with Vita C Pure Emulsion SPF15 (for combination skin) or Vita Pure C Vitamin C Cream SPF15 (for dry skin), two formulas to delay and/or combat the first signs of skin ageing, such as the first wrinkles, dark spots and loss of elasticity.

Rejuvenating, lifting and wrinkles

For a firm, radiant complexion this festive season, we recommend the gift set that includes the Essentials Lifting Face double flash effect serum, which provides an immediate lifting effect to the complexion, and Excellence B-Lift Elixir, a luxury cosmetic for the most demanding mature skin.

This multi-functional firming elixir visibly transforms the skin, relaxing facial contractions and smoothing wrinkles. The treatment leaves the skin luminous, hydrated, soft, smooth and comfortable and free from signs of fatigue and tiredness.

Revitalising body care

Montibello Skincare also presents a special proposal to keep the skin of the body hydrated and soft. The gift set includes Body Senses Exfoliant Shower Gel, an exfoliating gel with orange peel particles that cleanses and renews the skin, and Moisturising Body Mousse, a body mousse that melts delicately into the skin.

The two products are combined in a body treatment that leaves the skin soft and deeply moisturised from the first application. It also offers a unique sensory experience, thanks to its revitalising scent of orange essential oil that awakens the senses.

This Christmas, Montibello takes care of skin, people and the planet with these ideal gift sets.


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