mascarillas faciales

The best face masks to revitalize your skin

Our fascination for skincare does not decrease during the summer holidays but finds its way into our beauty routine during the warmer months of the year.  Throughout the summer season, the skin barrier suffers and dries out from the heat, solar radiation, chlorine from swimming pools and saltpeter from the sea. In addition, it is essential to repair the skin after sun exposure and provide the skin with proper hydration. To add extra vitality to your facial care routine, Montibello recommends these face masks.

Why are we interested in masks? Because they are instant cosmetics that offer us, in the twinkling of an eye, the much-desired good face effect. Over the years they have evolved to give us increasingly specific solutions to our needs, with innovative assets. In addition, their formulas are so pleasant that they allow us to enjoy the treatment and the pleasure of taking care of ourselves. And… finally, with the rising temperatures, they are very interesting allies to bring a great sensation of freshness to our complexion.

Montibello’s Face Masks

Tissue Masks

Korean, or “tissue”, masks have been for many years essential cosmetics in facial treatments. Their hydrogel or cotton structure is full of active ingredients and offer very effective responses to multiple needs: deep hydration, immediate luminosity, intensive nourishment, facial detox, anti-dark spots or anti-ageing.

For those who need an express cure for their skin, Montibello presents the Black & White Tissue Mask beauty experience. They are a duo of “second skin” effect face masks, which are impregnated with powerful serums that effectively transfer their assets to our face.

These are Montibello’s two Tissue Masks:

RADIANCE BLACK MASK. With a detoxifying action, this mask, with an innovative active carbon fabric, is ideal for skin suffocated by urban environments. The result is purified, hydrated skin with an immediate glow effect.

mascarillas faciales

MOISTURIZING WHITE MASK. With an ultra-hydrating and soothing action, this mask has an innovative silky-textured fabric, which is impregnated with an intensive serum, which penetrates deep into the skin. The skin is hydrated, without irritation and soft as silk.

mascarillas faciales

When is it recommended to use these facial masks? Once a week for a renewed and fresh skin.

Restorativa and soothing mask

When the temperature rises, the skin cries out for restorative treatments that allow it to recover its vitality after it has been exposed to the sun, sea saltpeter or chlorine from swimming pools. REPAIRING CALMING MASK can be of great help to reinforce the barrier function of the skin, regenerate and nourish it, with its repairing and soothing action. Leaves the skin soft, luminous and with a pleasant and comfortable sensation. Apply a generous layer to the face and neck and leave on for 20 minutes.

mascarillas faciales

When is it recommended to use Montibello’s REPAIRING CALMING MASK? Maximum once a week, when you notice your skin is tight and irritated. After its application, you will see how your face recovers its lost elasticity.

Night treatment

Renewed skin overnight? Get it with WATER SLEEPING MASK, our night gel-mask that helps the skin recover from the stress suffered during the day. Provides a moisturizing and anti-fatigue effect, thanks to its formula rich in hyaluronic acid, encapsulated vitamins and perfecting active ingredients. Massage until the spheres are broken up and fully absorbed.

When is it recommended to use Montibello’s WATER SLEEPING MASK? Between 2 or 3 times a week, depending on your needs, or on those days when the skin is more sensitive, dehydrated and/or fatigued. In the morning, your skin will wake up rested, hydrated and radiant.


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