The best ‘good face’ creams

Spring, as well as the good weather, brings with it an avalanche of events and celebrations: communions, christenings and – of course – weddings. Whether you are the protagonist or the guest, I imagine that one of your goals is to look radiant. That’s why we at Montibello present you with the best good face effect creams to help your skin look its best.

Keep in mind that stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, excessive exposure to the sun or blue light are factors that you will have to control so that the effects of the creams are enhanced and the results are visible more quickly.

The best daily moisturisers with a ‘good face’ effect

Montibello’s Vita Pure C range is the product line that leaves the face illuminated, smoother and is capable of correcting imperfections. In addition, the antioxidant power of vitamin C is the best ally against ageing.

It is made up of 4 products:


  • VITAMIN C CREAM SPF 15. Day cream with a rich, melting texture that prevents the signs of ageing by protecting the skin from free radicals and UV radiation. Recommended for normal to dry skin.
  • VITAMIN C EMULSION SPF 15. Day emulsion with a silky, light texture and anti-ageing power. Recommended for combination and/or oily skin.
  • VITAMIN C COLLAGEN INFUSION. Night serum for devitalised skin and skin with first signs of ageing.
  • VITAMIN C EYE CONTOUR. A cream specifically for the eye zone with a delicate cashmere texture and an immediate optical erasing effect, which provides maximum luminosity and vitality to the eyes.

Another great ally for an instant good-face effect is RADIANCE PEARL ELIXIR, an illuminator and skin tone corrector with a refined silky texture, inspired by the luxury and sophistication of pearl. Based on Light Code technology, this instantly effective illuminator harnesses the power of light for luminous, even skin.


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