The best sunscreens to welcome spring

Producing vitamin C, absorbing calcium, improving the appearance of the skin… these are just some of the benefits that the sun produces in our skin, as long as we protect it with optimal products that prevent photoaging.

Knowing how to choose the right sunscreen for our skin is essential. Sunscreens are classified according to their SPF (Sun Protection Factor), which represents the level of sun protection they provide and is equivalent to the multiple of time we can safely sunbathe.

To calculate the SPF we need, we multiply the number of minutes it takes for our skin to redden by the SPF number. For example, fair skin takes about 5 minutes to redden, and with an SPF of 10, it would take 50 minutes.


In order to continue protecting the skin with the most advanced and safest sun cosmetics, Montibello has adopted a firm commitment to the environment through the SUNAGE range. All this, through continuous improvement in each of its formulations to obtain better results with the least possible impact.

Ultraviolet filters can be associated with a type of marine pollution and the formulations in the Sunage photoprotection range have been designed to minimise the impact on the marine environment.

  • Selection of 6 non water-soluble sunscreens, with proven biodegradability, covering a broad spectrum of protection..
  • Silicone-free with very high bioaccumulative profile in the marine environment.
  • Proven photostability of the formulas.

The result? Invisible, fast-absorbing textures that offer effective protection at the same time:


Ultra-light photoprotector suitable for all skin types. What’s new? It helps fight against photoageing thanks to its formula enriched with hyaluronic acid. In addition to protecting the skin, it moisturises and repairs it from sun damage.



Ultra-light facial sunscreen with colour. Provides the skin with a natural coverage for a unifying and good-looking effect. Suitable for all skin types and/or highly photosensitive skin. Its formula also contains hyaluronic acid to repair and moisturise, as well as protect.



It is the new sunscreen in stick format with an invisible texture that is quick and easy to apply and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Ideal for quick touch-ups with high SPF 50 protection and water-resistant.

Apply generously and evenly before sun exposure to the face, neck and décolleté. Can be used alone or in combination with your usual sunscreen for extra protection. Reapply every 2 hours.



Fast-absorbing facial sunscreen gel that does not sting the eyes when in contact with sweat and water. Suitable for all skin types, especially those who enjoy outdoor activities. Its non-oily texture is water resistant.

Protect yourself from the sun and fight ageing with Sunage

Montibello’s R&D&I department has found the perfect combination of broad spectrum UV sun filters and an innovative active ingredient, used for the first time in sun cosmetics, to effectively counteract the harmful effects of the sun and the environment around us. The entire Sun Age range contains the active ingredient BLUE Oléoactif®, whose composition of natural origin is based on a blend of 3 types of rice – white, red and black, obtained in a sustainable way.

  • Blocks the penetration of pollutants into the skin.
  • Strengthens and boosts cells’ natural defence system.
  • Reduces skin pigmentation disorders caused by blue light.
  • It is capable of blocking 90% of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and protects DNA and other cellular components.


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