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This Christmas, give the secret of eternal youth with elixir

There are only a few days left until Christmas is officially here and time is running out to find the perfect gift. However, we have the ideal proposal to surprise that special person who loves to take care of herself inside and out: the opportunity to enjoy Montibello’s Elixir Collection on her skin.

Jewel cosmetics for the festive season

Beauty products and treatments are very present on Christmas gift lists and have become very interesting options to offer to our loved ones at this time of the year. It is very likely that we have even included them in our wish list, to give ideas to someone who asks us about our wishes for the festive season.

But… Why is it a sure hit to give facial care as a gift? Because we are increasingly aware of the importance of attending to our skin’s needs to keep it healthy and revitalised. In recent years, the skincare universe has exploded in popularity and continues to gain followers in all sectors of the population, even among the youngest.

Skin care is no longer limited to reversing the effects of ageing, but is now part of our daily routine and we enjoy shielding that space to dedicate to ourselves. We look forward to discovering cosmetics that can become new allies in treating our skin’s needs. In this context, there is no doubt that facial cosmetics make incredible gifts for the holidays.

Why is it a good idea to give the Elixir Collection formulas as a gift? Firstly, because they are formulas with a high concentration of active ingredients that offer immediate results and are also quickly absorbed and easy to apply, which makes them incredibly attractive to use, considering how little time we have left in our personal care routine.

In addition, these formulas, with carefully selected ingredients, act as effective boosters for daily beauty treatments. And finally, they are presented to the world in a jewel-like aesthetic that embodies sophistication and invites you to give Montibello’s Elixir Collection as a gift.

Montibello’s finest collection

Here are the five formulas of Montibello’s Elixir Collection.


This master formula contains a high concentration of the two most advanced counteracting peptides on the market that act on cellular senescence.

Results: This state-of-the-art multifunctional elixir visibly transforms the skin by relaxing facial contractions, smoothing wrinkles and restoring firmness.  It slows down skin ageing.

Who is it for: For the most demanding mature skin.



It is an effective chronopeptide that synchronises your cells in just seven days, restoring lost youthfulness. It is based on advances in chronobiology that demonstrate the existence of circadian cycles (an internal clock) in skin cells.

Results: it fights ageing at its source, synchronising cells so that the skin is protected during the day and repaired at night. Reduces wrinkles, improves flaccidity, and reduces signs of fatigue.

Who is it for: mature, fatigued and stressed skin.


Based on Digital Ageing – ageing associated with free radicals emitted by digital devices – this elixir contains “night beauty” plant stem cells that repair your skin while you sleep.

Results: fights photoageing by boosting the skin’s self-repairing power at night. Antioxidant, detox action, improves wrinkles and strengthens the barrier function.

Who is it for: for skin exposed to digital environments and photo-aged skin.



Based on Light Code technology, it rejuvenates the skin from within and uses the power of light for luminous, even skin. Mix it with your make-up too and the pearl powder will bring an immediate light effect to your skin!

Results: rejuvenates the skin by stimulating EGF synthesis and fibre creation. Immediate illuminator, repairs on the surface and rejuvenates from within.

Who is it for: for dull, asphyxiated skin with signs of fatigue.



Contains a biomimetic oil-active ingredient that provides your skin with a mixture of lipids identical in composition to that of young skin. Based on the richness of fifteen 100% natural precious oils that seek to balance the lipid components on the surface.

Results: deeply nourishes, moisturises and repairs the skin, giving it a smooth and elastic appearance. Ideal for dry skin, it balances the skin and increases its defense capacity.

Who is it for: dry and very dry skin.


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