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Retiderma, the new anti-ageing range for respectful skin regeneration

Retiderma by Montibello: the product range with the latest generation retinoids

In recent years, retinoids have established themselves as great allies for skin regeneration and for slowing the signs of ageing, the greatest challenge that the cosmetics industry has always faced. More and more consumers have incorporated them into their facial care routine, seduced by their ability to “turn back the skin’s biological clock.”

Currently, the market offers a very wide arsenal of formulas based on the power of this active ingredient with various concentrations, some of them excessively high for our skin’s health. In recent years we have found that, at certain concentrations, the use of retinol has negative consequences for the skin, such as peeling, dryness or skin sensitization. Furthermore, we have accepted that cosmetics that incorporate this active ingredient present chemical instability, which causes changes in the appearance and smell of the formulas.

All these adverse effects have been presented to us as the toll we have to pay to benefit from the regenerating power of retinol and we have even accepted complex routines for applying products with this active ingredient, hoping that our skin will tolerate its aggressions better every day.

However, the situation is about to change. In the coming months, a new European Union regulation limiting the maximum concentration of this active ingredient in facial cosmetic products to 0.3% will entry into force, compelling brands that offer formulations with higher doses to reformulate them or withdraw them from sale. Thus, in 2026 these products will disappear from the European market.

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It is in this context that Montibello revolutionizes the world of cosmetics with Retiderma, the new high-performance pro-youth range based on a cutting-edge marine bio-retinoid, which offers unprecedented effects in skin regeneration with maximum tolerance and chemical stability.

This new generation of transformative and regenerative cosmetics acts only on the cellular receptors of retinoic acid, located in the dermis, activating only the benefits, and freeing us from the adverse effects linked to retinol. Thus, Montibello finally offers the most respectful renascence for the skin with its new range of creams with retinoids. 

Caring for and enhancing the skin regeneration process with Retiderma

Loss of firmness, dull tone, appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, hyperpigmentation… There are many signs of ageing that show on our skin over the years.

Behind these structural and morphological changes of the epidermis and dermis, we highlight three factors: genetics, which determine our response to external changes; metabolic processes, due to exposure to free radicals and their degenerative effect; and the exposome, external factors that are responsible for 75% of skin ageing.

Nowadays, there is an urgent need to provide an effective response to consumer demand to face the challenge of stopping the skin’s biological clock with formulas that are as respectful as possible with the skin and the Planet.

Aware of this double challenge, Montibello expands its universe of antiageing care with Retiderma, the range that offers a specific skin regeneration treatment for:

  • Chronoaged skin, that is, with signs of ageing due the cell renewal and regeneration process’s slowdown.
  • Photoaged skin due to overexposure to the sun, which translates into spots, skin thickening and rough texture.
  • Skin that requires a post-summer regenerating and renewing action.

Given the progressive slowdown in skin cell renewal, this new era of retinoid creams focuses on the power of Marine Bio-Retinoid, a fourth-generation retinoid, to act on wrinkles, unifying and retexturing the skin.

With Retiderma, Montibello completes its anti-ageing portfolio with four specific ranges for each stage of skin ageing: Vita Pure C (type I ageing), Retiderma (type II ageing), Genuine Cell (type III ageing) and Arûde (type IV ageing).

The benefits of retinoid creams

Retiderma is an innovative range of facial care based on a next-generation marine bio-retinoid sustainably extracted from a green microalga native to Formentera. The formula also contains the marine microalgae Rutllera Lamellosa, a dermal repair agent, and Spirulina, an antioxidant superfood, as well as polyglutamic acid, which provides a hydration shot.

Its formula acts on the cellular receptors of retinoic acid, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness of its anti-ageing function. However, it is completely tolerant to the nature of the skin because it intervenes only in selected dermal receptors. And so, with the help of Retiderma, the use of retinoids is no longer limited  to night care treatments: the latest generation marine bio-retinoid is not photosensitive, so it is suitable for day and night.

We introduce you to the Retiderma products

Retinoid Renewal Cream 50 ml. With 94% ingredients of natural origin, this silky cream formulated with Marine Bio-Retinoid promotes skin renewal and repair. In addition, it corrects wrinkles, refines texture and evens skin tone. The result: revitalized and hydrated skin.

Retinol Night Serum 30 ml. With a concentration of 0.05% retinol, this ultra-light night serum enhances the complexion’s youthfulness, improves texture and corrects wrinkles. In addition, it provides luminosity, softness and hydration to the skin.

Retinoid Eye Contour 15 ml. It is specifically formulated to combat the signs of ageing and fatigue in the delicate area around the eyes, while providing extra hydration. Thus, the eye contour regains its youth and vitality.


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